Time for: Estelle QUIZ!

How well do you know me? Think again! Below are some examples of the presentation I’ve made for my first day of class o(^▽^)o

*The example below is for my highest grades. The winners -poor souls- will have to tell me about themselves IN ENGLISH ( ⚆ _ ⚆ )

First off, you’ll need the sheet of questions that goes along with the answers!

Time for Estelle Quiz_Questions

Then you’ll be given the questions and answers! Here are a few examples:

Time for Estelle Quiz_Questions1

Time for Estelle Quiz_Questions2.png

Time for Estelle Quiz_Questions3

Time for Estelle Quiz_Questions4

Time for Estelle Quiz_Questions5

Time for Estelle Quiz_Questions6.png

Fellow JETs, if you want to use this as a template, be my guest:


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